Unholy Matrimony Healing for the Abused Woman

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Media Review

Americus Times - Recorder, Americus, GA-my hometown:

Becky Holland, a Reporter for my hometown newspaper, The Americus Times-Recorder wrote:

"Dorothy E. Hooks has a story to tell, like most people. What is different about Hooks and her story is she has put the story in black and white. She has dedicated the story to helping women. It is called “UnHoly Matrimony,” with a purpose of sharing “healing for the abused woman.”

In each section of the book, Hooks takes parts of scripture to utilize as basis for the foundation of helping women overcome their troubles."

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Book signing coverage, Dec 2008, Daily Commercial, Leesburg FL:

Millard Ives, Staff Writer for the Daily Commerical, Leesburg, FL wrote:

"After what she said were beatings and other sustained domestic abuse from 19 to 54 years old, Dorothy has a new man in her life -- God.The book provides glimpses of Hooks abusive relationships through her seven marriages. She said she was two-year-old when her parents divorced, which lead her to being raised by her grandmother."

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1st Book Discussion Meeting, Jan 10, 2009, Daily Commercial:

Millard Ives, Staff Writer for the Daily Commercial, Leesburg, FL wrote:

"Nestled between a number of religious readings and items on Saturday, some of the women took their first steps at combating domestic abuse.

The newly-formed support group for victims of domestic abuse, Healing For The Abused Woman, held its initial meeting Saturday at the Spirit & Truth Christian Books Café & More in Fruitland Park.

The 56-year-old Leesburg resident led a discussion on her book and said she looks forward to the bi-monthly meetings, helping women get out of abusive relationships and addressing any scars it might have left.

The meetings are held in the back of the book store, closed to the general public and men. In an interview before Saturday's meeting, Hooks said many women don't even realize they are being abused."

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