Unholy Matrimony Healing for the Abused Woman

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“Biblical Foundations of Freedom” (BFOF) Program

Butterfly What It Is: BFOF program is a weekly Christian based lecture adapted into the Abused Woman Ministries,’ Inc. School of Healing (AWMSOH) from the book, “Biblical Foundations of Freedom Destroying Satan’s Lies With God’s Truth” by Dr. Art Mathias. AWMSOH will make BFOF a prerequisite for the Abused Woman Ministry Recovery Program (AWMRP). Dr. Hooks will use the BFOF program to educate abused women (but others are welcome) how to recognize the danger of anger, hatred, jealousy, rejection, fear, pride, bitterness, and to help them get rid of these toxic emotions so they can recover from abuse.

The recovery process begins when the person decides to forgive – forgiveness is a choice. Therefore a person cannot receive complete recovery until these unresolved issues (toxic emotions above) are gone from their lives. BFOF program is also adapted to let the abused woman (and others) know that these toxic emotions separate us from God and create diseases in our souls and physical bodies.

Dr. Mathias was healed in January 1999 from a disease called, “Environmental Illness;” after discovering he had toxic emotions (unforgiveness, fear, and resentment), he repented and God healed him. This is what Dr. Mathias said:

“When I went before God and dealt with my sins of unforgiveness and resentment, and cast off fear, God was faithful: He healed me. He produces a radical change in my health that was obvious to many people. People started asking what had happened. I had changed physically, and they saw the difference in my appearance.”

How the Complete Program Work: Every week, a different topic (listed on next page) will be taught. The program is designed so the topics can be combined into one (or many) course(s); customized according to the client’s need. In a group session, the maximum number of individuals will be twelve (12). The BFOF Program also includes a Study Guide which can be used to help you apply the Word of God to your life.

BFOF Program Course Topics:

» Preface & Introduction (2 hour)
» What Is Sin – Chapter One (2½ hours)
» Discernment – Chapter Two (2½ hours)
» Accusing Spirits – Chapter Three (2½ hours)
» The Major Strongholds, or Principalities, of Satan – Chapter Four (1½ hours)
» Principality of Bitterness – Chapter Five (2½ hours)
» Principality of Self-Bitterness, Unloving Spirits – Chapter Six (3½ hours)
» Forgiveness – Chapter Seven (2 hours)
» Principality of Jealousy & Envy – Chapter Eight (2½ hours)
» Principality of Rejection – Chapter Nine (3½ hours)
» Principality of Fear – Chapter Ten (2½ hours)
» Principality of Occultism, Pharmakia & Sorcery – Chapter Eleven (2½ hours)
» The Kinsman Redeemer – Chapter Twelve (1½ hours)
» The Armor of God – Chapter Thirteen (5½ hours)
» Our Power and Authority in Christ – Chapter Fourteen (3 hours)