Unholy Matrimony Healing for the Abused Woman

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Rose This book is dedicated to all the women who have been abused in their relationships and to those who have not been abused. To those who have not been abused, this is a preventive manual, to help you not be abused. To those who have been abused and are not free from soul ties, this book can give you hope. Through my experiences, you will see how God brought me out of bondage, healed me, restored me, and today, I am allowing Him to have total control of my life.

God wants us women to arise and know the tactics of the devil. The devil wants to make us think we have no self-worth but he is a liar. God loves us and we are worth something to Him. As long as we think we are worth nothing, we will accept any treatment from a man (abuse, unfaithfulness, lying, etc.) to keep him. Its time to rise, shine, and give God the glory.

Be Blessed of the Lord
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks